Ecological PlanningPeople, Place, Design

The Ecological Planning Center at the University of Utah works closely with academic and community partners to shorten the pipeline between research and application. We apply principles of urban ecology, environmental planning, and design and engineering to generate sustainable solutions in planning for equitable, vibrant, and healthy human habitats.

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Green Infrastructure Initiative

An alliance of organizations, including the U of U, Wasatch Front Regional Council, Envision Utah, Seven Canyons Trust, and others, working to promote green infrastructure planning in the Wasatch Front.

Master’s Specialization in Ecological Planning

The Ecological Planning focus offers courses in green infrastructure, open space design, green communities, urban ecology, and more.


Research: Drivers of Urban Water Use

Drivers of Urban Water Use” examines how water demand models for four urban land use types relate to the built environment, climate, and demographics, and how the models can inform city planning with respect to water use.


The Planner’s Role in Urban Water Conservation

In many parts of the world, water sustainability may well be the defining issue in the future (Rudd and Fleishman 2014). Rapid population growth and urbanization have tripled global water withdrawals over the last 50 years and predictions forecast that almost half of humanity will face water scarcity by 2030 (OECD 2008). The majority of the increase in withdrawals is for urban water use. While urbanization poses a multitude of challenges for providing and sustaining water resources, there are opportunities in cities that exist as well. Cities provide education and income, foster creativity and innovation, and will be the future of most of humanity. Read more